Nature & Worship

Nature & Worship

76 km far from the Hotel Gargano there is the ancient city of Devia, today archeologic and natural park, that extends for ten hectares across the millennial Church of Santa Maria di Monte Delio. Ruins of other churches and abbeys are all along the mountain upon which one can enjoy an amazing panorama, with the Lesina lake in first floor and, in the background, the Tremiti Islands.

By catamaran on the Varano lake, it is possible to see the Angevin towers (XIII century) and the Church of the SS Annunziata, where it is guarded the crucified Christ, a wood statue dated 1300, to whom is devoted a Procession in April.

In the neighborhood there is Ischitella, with its interesting glimpses of the ancient quarter of Terravecchia. From Ischitella is easy to reach Vico del Gargano and the Foresta Umbra.

The city center of Vico del Gargano is among the most beautiful on the promontory: there is a maze of streets where there are Churches and the Castle of the city. Do not miss a stop at the Vicolo del Bacio (alley of the Kiss) and at the Cappuccini monastery, where one can admire a millennial oak that has a priceless value. The Foresta Umbra is indeed the emblem of the Gargano, with its 15 thousand hectares of a territory that is covered by beeches, Turkey oaks, Aleppo pines and Mediterranean scrub. Here were classified 2.000 botanical species and almost sixty species of spontaneous orchids.

From San Giovanni Rotondo is easy to reach the coast. Eighty kilometers of beaches with stones and sand, cliffs, marine grottos, welcoming villages where tourism has not changed the city centers and the traditions.

One must visit the ancient harbour in Mattinata, close to which there is the Baia delle Zagare, known for its sea stacks. Riding up to Vieste one can see a lot of bays and marine grottos.

Peschici is known to be the "gem of the Gargano". Along the road that goes towards this village there are a lot of trabocchi, traditional structures for fishing. This area is really appreciated by surfers. The historical city center of Peschici is another maze of streets and white buildings, on the top of which there are typical domes. From the top of Peschici one can see Rodi, with its wide and equipped beach. Close to Rodi there are citrus groves and figs.

With regard to the religious itineraries, it is mandatory to visit San Giovanni Rotondo; less than 10 km far, there is San Marco in Lamis, lively city surrounded by woods where there are the Sanctuary of Santa Maria by Strignano and the Sanctuary of San Matteo. From San Marco we go on towards Rignano Garganico, known to be the "balcony of the Puglia". In its neighborhoods there are important archeological places, such as the Grotta Pagliacci, into which were found ruins from the paleolithic. From San Giovanni Rotondo is easy to reach Monte Sant'Angelo, location of the abbey of San Michele. Finally there is Manfredonia, the biggest marine city in the whole Province, that was the residence for the Svevus and the Angevin. At its shoulders there are the romanic Abbey of San Leonardo and Santa Maria by Siponto, into the archeologic park that has the same name, and that includes the ruins of a paleolithic Basilica.

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