Tremiti Island

Tremiti Island

Tremiti Islands are known as "Insulae Diomedeae" due to the legend that says the Greek hero Diomede is buried here. The islands are easy to be reached in 1 hour and a half from Pechici (47 km) thanks to ferries.

The archipelago is made of tree islands: San Nicola, San domino and Capraia, with their marvellous clear waters, the bays and the grottos. Included into the Marine Natural Reserve and into the Gargano National Park, thanks to the quality of its waters, they were often awarded with the Blue Flag.

A lot of popular legends make them even more interesting. They were inhabited yet from IV-III century BC. The Roman Emperor Augusto exiled here his niece Giulia for 20 years. In 780 Carl the Great sent in exile Paolo Diacono, who escaped from the Island. In 1843, the king of Naples Ferdinando II sent to the islands some fishermen to repopulate them. A lot of archeological ruins were found some miles off the coast. The majestic bottoms are really appreciated by scuba divers. In San Nicola, a picturesque village it is suggested to visit the beautiful Church of Santa Maria a Mare, that was restored between the XV and the XVIII century.

The biggest one is San Domino (Tremetis in ancient language), rich in breathtaking landscapes and a lot of marine grottos: the Grotta del Sale, the Grotta delle Viole, the Grotta delle Murene, the Grotta del Bue Marino, the Grotta delle Rondinelle and the Grotta del Coccodrillo. In the south of the Island, there is a big pinewood.

Capraia is not inhabited and is rocky. The peninsula of Punta Secca hosts a lighthouse. To be visited: Punta Romito, Cala Sorrentino and Cala dei Turchi. The island is famous for its "archetielli", little rocky arches. One must visit the little islands of Cretaccio, La Vecchia and Pianosa.

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